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Honors Admission for International Students

International students may apply to the Honors College if they have high scores in secondary school. The Honors College does not require international students to submit scores from ACT or SAT examinations; however, students can request that we consider these scores when evaluating their application. To apply to Honors, students must write an application essay and provide a clear record of extra-curricular experiences, activities, and achievements.

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How to Apply

New international students must apply to the Honors College through the Admissions Application Portal.  Students who have already started or submitted the application for admission to Boise State can apply to the Honors College by logging back into their admissions application with the username and password they created. We send our Honors admission decisions electronically, so students that choose not to receive messages to their personal email must watch their Boise State email for notifications.

Our application cycle runs from September 1 – May 1. All applications received by the 15th of each month will receive a decision by the 15th of the following month.

International students that have already attended Boise State for a semester or more should follow the application guidelines on the Honors Admission for Continuing Boise State Students page.

Required Application Materials

Academic Performance:

The Honors College looks for students that have high scores in secondary school, equal to or exceeding a 3.5 GPA. This GPA will be calculated from the official transcripts that are sent to Boise State Admissions. Students do not need to submit these grades separately to the Honors College. If admitted to Honors, students must keep a Boise State GPA of at least 3.25 (B+) to remain an Honors student.

The Honors College does not require international students to submit SAT or ACT scores in their Honors application. If students have not taken the tests, we will evaluate their application based on the other factors. However, if students have taken the tests and would like their scores to be considered, they may request that we include them in our evaluation.


The resume section of the Honors application allows students to show us their accomplishments beyond grades and test scores, such as their past or current research projects, leadership experiences, and volunteer work. The resume should only include activities that occurred within the last four years. Students should provide as much detail as possible, and there is no page limit for the resume. Students should indicate their length of service in each activity (the dates or number of hours served), their specific accomplishments, and if they led the activity. We suggest that students use the following headings in their resumes:

  • Extracurricular Activities and Leadership Positions (e.g.,Debate Club, Student Council Officer, Athletics, etc.)
  • Community or Volunteer Service (e.g., Special Olympics volunteer, Candy Striper, Habitat for Humanity, etc.)
  • Awards and Special Honors (e.g., National Honor Society, Boy’s or Girl’s State Representatives, etc.)
  • Employment or Internships (e.g., store clerk, summer camp counselor, daycare assistant, etc.)
  • View an example resume


Prompt: Through your resume, we will learn about your successes and achievements. For this essay, however, please tell us a story about a time you struggled. Limit your essay to 400 words and include the word count at the bottom of the page.

Scholarship Information

All students who are admitted into the Honors College are automatically considered for Honors Scholarships. These scholarships are merit based and will be awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional academic ability, civic engagement, and extracurricular activity. There is no separate scholarship application.

Scholarships administered by Boise State or other organizations will have other application processes and may have other deadlines.

Important Dates

  • December 15 – Early Action
    Apply to Boise State and the Honors College by December 15th to receive early admission to the Honors College.  Applications to the Honors College will take approximately three weeks to process.
  • February 15 – Financial Aid Priority Date
    Applications received after February 16th will be considered for admission to the Honors College but will not be eligible for scholarship consideration. Note: This deadline applies ONLY to Honors scholarships. International students must apply by December 15 to be eligible for other Boise State scholarships.
  • May 1 – Final deadline for fall Honors admission
    Applications received after June 1st will not be eligible for the fall semester but will be considered for the following spring semester.
  • December 15 – Final deadline for spring Honors admission