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The Honors College experience is about more than absorbing prepackaged information. It involves participating in the process of self-discovery, wrestling with new ideas, and thinking critically about their implications.

Honors courses are built around collaborative learning, so they are smaller, promoting close contact between students and faculty. Professors offering these courses are carefully selected from among the most enthusiastic and accomplished faculty members at Boise State and will take a personal interest in helping you achieve your full academic potential.


Honors Foundational Courses


Honors 198 encourages students to develop positive relationships with other Honors students and prepares them for the expectations of the Honors College, Boise State, and the world beyond. The 10-week, 1-credit course is required of all incoming Honors students and centers on readings and group discussion, asking students to think about their expectations and the goals surrounding their college education.

UF 200 University Foundations

Taken by all Boise State students in their second year, UF 200 asks students to think deeply about identity, social action, and ethical thinking by asking some fundamental questions: What does it mean to be an engaged citizen in a democracy? How much of our identity is driven by culture? How do our ethical decisions relate to our culture?  As they answer these questions, students consider who they understand themselves to be and how they envision themselves acting in the surrounding world. Honors students must take an Honors section of UF 200.


Disciplinary Lens Courses

Disciplinary Lens courses are foundational to every major. By taking Honors sections of DL courses, students fulfill general university requirements as well as earn Honors credit. Honors sections of DL courses are smaller and more discussion-based than regular sections, allowing students to work more closely with their professors and fellow students. Honors students are required to take a minimum of 11 credits of Honors DL courses unless they complete a portion of those credits through alternative coursework.

TableRockHikeAlternative Coursework

Some students join the Honors College late in their undergraduate career or have schedules that are challenging to combine with the Honors curriculum. In these cases, students have the option of taking Workshops, Independent Studies, and H-Optioned classes to meet the their Honors requirements. Up to 9 Honors credits may be earned through alternative coursework. See our Alternative Coursework page for more information.

Upper-Division Courses


Honors 390 Proposals and Purpose Statements

Honors 390 is a 1-credit course that helps students to develop writing and speaking skills for graduate school or their future careers, challenging them to carefully consider their pathway through college and their steps after graduation.

Honors 392 Colloquia

Honors Colloquia are rigorous, upper-division, seminar courses, covering special topics that change every semester. They allow Honors students  to explore their interests outside their major. One Colloquia each spring also includes a travel component. See our Colloquia Courses page for more information.


Senior Capstone

Senior Honors students may choose from one of two capstone tracks to complete their honors coursework. The first track requires students to complete a final project, which can take the form of a final paper, portfolio of fine art or creative writing, a performance piece, public performance, etc.

The second track consists of a senior seminar course that requires students to reflect on their education as they transition into life after college. The class asks students to consider the question: “What is a meaningful life?”
Track Listings