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Alternative Coursework

If Honors students are unable to complete their Honors credit requirements in the traditional series of classes, they may substitute up to 9 credits of the required courses with alternate Honors options. All substitutions must be approved by an Honors advisor. Students cannot substitute HONORS 198 or their capstone, and colloquia are typically not able to be substituted.


H-Options allows students to receive Honors credits for a regular class, typically one required by their major but not included in Honors offerings. To receive Honors credits, students must complete additional coursework in addition to the requirements of the class. Visit our H-Option page for more information.


 Study Abroad

Because the Honors College feels that study abroad deepens students’ understanding of the world, we offer up to 3 Honors credits for each semester a student is abroad. For more information, contact an Honors advisor.
Students Studying Abroad


Honors workshops change each semester, offering students the opportunity to study a wide variety of subjects in a condensed period of time. These workshops are typically completed over the course of one or two weekends and are worth 1 credit. Past topics have ranged from the environmental history of food, to genocide studies, to climate change. For a listing of our current workshops, view our Honors Course List.

Independent Study

Independent study is a flexible, independent course that students create with a supervising faculty member. The nature of the work completed can vary to best suit the student’s needs. Some take part in research or lab work as a significant part of their independent study; others complete special projects. Students may not propose an independent study on a topic that the university already offers as a regular course, and they must submit their plans to the Honors College for approval in order to receive Honors credit for the independent study.