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Friday Forum

The Friday Forum discussion series consists of weekly conversations between both Honors and non-Honors students about issues of historical and contemporary importance. The Forum seeks to create an open, respectful, and intellectually stimulating environment for students to come together and think critically about the current issues in our world and society. The Friday Forum occurs every Friday, 3:30 p.m.-5 p.m. at Driscoll Hall.

Discussions are typically preceded by a 10-15 minute introduction presented by either a student, faculty member, or occasionally a special guest from the community. This introduction is followed by an open discussion moderated by one of the students.┬áDiscussion topics vary widely, including questions from economics, philosophy, politics, society, and many other fields. These topics are posted to the Forum’s Facebook page each week.

Past Discussion Questions:

  • What role should school choice play in K-12 education?
  • What should be done about climate change?
  • What good is a liberal education?
  • Why are we losing the war on drugs?
  • How are sexual norms related to our beliefs about human nature? Are sexual behaviors innate or conditioned?
  • Should Americans be concerned about Presidential Overreach in the War on Terror?