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Honors Student Association (HSA)

As a member of the Honors College, you are automatically a member of HSA. The association provides opportunities for Honors students to participate in a wide variety of cultural and recreational activities. It sponsors lectures, social events, and community service projects that encourage students and faculty members to explore common interests outside of the classroom. HSA is a great way to meet other Honors students, learn leadership skills, and stay in touch with the university community.

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HSA Officers

Beyond simply being members of the HSA, students have the opportunity to assume leadership positions within the association. Elections for new officers happen every spring.

Current H.S.A. Officers

  • President: Holly Harper
  • Vice President: Edwina Wallen
  • Community Relations: Jackson Blackwell
  • Treasurer: Braden Bowker
  • Secretary: Jess McCallister
  • Special Events: Claire Oberg
  • Marketing: Demi Sabados
  • Special Projects: Bailey Varvel
  • Adviser: Chris Hyer

Officer Responsibilities


  • Runs weekly meetings and sends out an agenda before each meeting.
  • Organizes and represents HSA in University Day
  • Meets individually with each HSA officer at the beginning, middle, and end of the semester to track progress made on the personal goals each officer made for his or her time serving on HSA.
  • Recruits influential leaders in the community to meet with HSA officers each month.
  • Reviews the Honors Student Association Constitution and Bylaws and submits it for a college wide vote.


  • Manages requests and funding from the Associated Students of Boise State University.
  • Prepares all financial records for audit at the end of each school year.
  • Knowledgeable of and correctly follows Associated Students of Boise State University policy for club finances and requests.
  • Assumes the duties of the President during his/her temporary absence or inability to fulfill duties until a special election can be held.
  • Facilitates fundraising project(s), including the Finals Relief Project.


  • Records minutes at each meeting and sends them to each officer within 24 hours for approval.
  • Organizes a master events calendar using Google Docs and the Honors College Website.

Marketing Representative

  • Makes flyers and graphic art to promote HSA events.
  • Promotes HSA through social media.
  • Makes Facebook and OrgSync pages for each event.
  • Promotes HSA events in Driscoll using bulletin boards.

Service Representatives (2)

  • Each representative plans and facilitates two (2) community service events per semester.
  • Responsible for relevant paperwork for Associated Students of Boise State University.
  • Help organize and plan University Day

Social Representatives (2)

  • Each representative plans and facilitates two (2) social events per semester.
  • Responsible for relevant paperwork for Associated Students of Boise State University.

Public Relations Representative

  • Documents and photographs each event.
  • Coordinates a replacement if unable to attend and photograph an event.
  • Creates a slideshow or video for the Spring banquet.
  • Posts semester photos in gallery on Honors College Website.

Community Outreach Coordinator

  • Promotes Honors College to campus and Community Partners.
  • Organizes Professional Development Night.
  • Works to enhance the Honors Student Association reputation and involvement across campus and in the community.

Special Projects Planner

    • Plans and facilitates the Fall and Spring banquet.
    • Helps coordinate Parent/Family weekend with the Honors College.
    • Runs the T-shirt creation and distribution process.