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Passport Program

Honors Pi DayThe Passport Program promotes active participation and involvement in the Honors College and continues the educational mission of Honors outside of the classroom. Student involvement is also influential to the allocation of scholarships, qualification for Honors College graduation status, and assessment for special achievement awards.

For a calendar of upcoming passport events, please visit our OrgSync page.


  • Students will be required to attend 2 events each semester in order to stay in good standing in the Honors College.
  • At the beginning of each semester, the Honors College will post a list of approved events on OrgSync for Honors Students to attend, and more events will be added as the semester progresses. The new events will be announced in an emailed Weekly Update.

    There are two event categories: Signature and Social. Students will have the opportunity to choose which programs over the semester they wish to attend.

    Areas of Focus


    Serving the community around us

    This includes events that connect Honors students to the Boise State and city of Boise community. These community service based events range from one time projects to semester long events. Events such as service learning class requirements will not count towards these requirements. Examples of past events include, City of Trees Marathon, University Day, YMCA Halloween parties, food drives, etc.


    Developing life-long learners

    This includes events that are scholarly in nature.  These events promote intellectual inquiry, academic enhancement, critical thinking.  Past activities include Distinguished Lecture, Honors at Night, attendance and/or presentation of papers of academic papers, and guest lectures.


    Broadening views of the world

    This includes events that are designed to broaden the cultural base of Honors Students in the areas of the arts, religious and cultural diversity, and multicultural backgrounds. Past events include Tunnel of Oppression, MLK events, women’s history month, Off-Broadway Music Series, Idaho Shakespeare Festival, plays, concerts, performances, and art exhibits.

    Professional Development

    Preparing for outstanding careers

    These events are designed to broaden students’ professional skills. Past events include workshops on resume writing, cover-letter writing,mock interviews, social media, etiquette dinners, and personal finances.


    Creating a supportive network and having fun

    These events are large scale Honors events designed to promote the Honors College and increase community among Honors students.  Past events include the winter and spring banquet, welcome BBQ, Pi Day, and Holiday Parties.

  • Students record their participation by bringing their student ID to the Honors coordinator at the event they are attending. The event coordinator will scan their ID, which logs the student’s attendance in OrgSync.

    Occasionally, the Honors College is unable to have a card scanner at events; in these cases, students will either sign an attendance form or visit the Honors front desk after the event to log their participation.

  • Students who fail to attend their required programs will be placed on probation through Honors and will lose priority registration for the semester they are on probation. A student will have the opportunity to return to good standing by making up missed programs as well as completing their current semester’s requirements.

    If a student is on probation for two semesters, they will be removed from the program. They may appeal the decision to the Dean of the Honors College.

  • Passport events are offered on many different days and at varying times, so most students should have no trouble finding two events to fit their schedules.

    However, if you believe that you will be unable to complete the passport requirement for the semester, you must meet with with an Honors College staff member and provide proof of your inability to attend the semester’s events.