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Honors Curriculum Requirements

To graduate with Honors, a student must have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.25 in addition to meeting the requirements listed below.

Honors Curriculum for Fall 2016 (or later) Students*

*Students who joined the Honors College prior to Fall 2016 or who join as transfer/continuing Boise State students may have different requirements for graduating with Honors. Please contact an advisor or consult your course catalog if you are unsure of your requirements.
Required Courses (17-26 credits)Honors AssociateHonors Graduate
Track 1
Honors Graduate
Track 2
HONORS 198 Seminar 1 credit1 credit1 credit
UF 200 Civic and Ethical Foundations:
Honors section of this university requirement
3 credits3 credits3 credits
Honors sections of Disciplinary Lens courses: These courses are part of the general university requirements for most students; transfer and continuing Boise State students may have alternate Honors requirements depending on their completed coursework6-8 credits11 credits11 credits
HONORS 390 Proposals and Purpose Statements1 credit1 credit1 credit
HONORS 392 Colloquium: Upper-division seminar1 course (3 credits)2 courses (6 credits)2 courses (6 credits)
HONORS 498 or 391/491 Senior Capstone: Senior seminar or senior projectHonors 498 Seminar (1 credit)Honors 498 Seminar (1 credit)Honors 391/491 Project (4 credits)
Total: 17-19 Credits23 Credits26 Credits

In addition to the GPA and Honors work requirements listed above, students must attend a minimum of two Honors events or activities per semester as part of the Passport Program. Students who fail to attend two events for two consecutive semesters will be withdrawn from the Honors College.

Transfer or Continuing Students

Are you interested in Honors but worried about taking so many 100/200 level courses? We can customize your requirements to replace many or all of the DL courses with either additional Honors Colloquia classes or any of our Alternative Coursework options.