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All applicants who are admitted to the Honors College are automatically considered for Honors scholarships, including the Brown and Langroise Scholarships.  While the selection criteria and amounts of these scholarships vary, they all are awarded on the basis of academic merit and community participation. Assistance based on financial need is awarded through the Financial Aid Office.

Available Honors Scholarships

Brown Honors Scholarship and Langroise Honors Scholarship

The Brown Honors Scholarship and Langroise Honors Scholarship are the Honors College’s premier academic scholarships for incoming freshmen, providing $7000 a year for four years. The quality of your application essay, your scores on standardized tests (ACT or SAT), your cumulative unweighted grade point average, class rank, and extracurricular activities are key factors in being selected as a Brown or Langroise Scholar. Finalists for the scholarship will be contacted for a telephone interview prior to the awards being made.

Additional Honors Scholarships

The College awards many other scholarships, not only to incoming freshman, but also to transfer and continuing Boise State students. Scholarships for continuing students are awarded based on academic merit and involvement with the Honors community. These awards include the following:

  • Albertsons Corporation Honors Scholarship
  • Larry and Karen Arguinchona Honors Scholarship
  • Robert and Brenda Atkinson Scholarship
  • Boise State University Foundation Honors Scholarship
  • Thelma and Dean Brown Honors Scholarship
  • Campbell Memorial Honors Scholarship
  • Patrick H. Davis Memorial Honors Scholarship
  • Donald Day Honors Scholarship
  • Martha Fenton Honors Scholarship

  • Stephen J. and Georgette R. Guss Honors Scholarship
  • M.L. and Emma Horsley Honors Scholarship
  • Frank and Beth Nolan Honors Scholarship
  • Wayne Osborne Honors Scholarship
  • Eilene J. Porter Honors Scholarship
  • Jerry Ransom Honors Scholarship
  • Raymond Studies Abroad Scholarship
  • H.W. Whillcock Honors Scholarship
  • Dr. Williams Venning Health Sciences Honors Scholarship

Summer Fellowships

In addition to academic scholarships, the Honors College offers two kinds of summer fellowships for students wishing to participate in the following:

  • Conducting independent research
  • Participating in foreign study programs between the spring and fall semesters

If interested in these fellowships, please contact an Honors advisor for more information.

Scholarships Deadline

Incoming freshmen and transfer students, as well as continuing Boise State students who are seeking new admission to the College, must apply to the Honors College before February 15th to be considered for Honors scholarships.

Continuing Boise State students who are already enrolled in the Honors College must indicate their desire to be considered for Honors scholarships by contacting the College directly prior to March 1st.

Scholarships administered by Boise State or other organizations will have other application processes and may have other deadlines.